SEO Analyst

What does an SEO Analyst do?

Staff Remote’s SEO Analysts are hard core professionals specializing in in-depth Search Engine Optimization. These people are responsible for getting the clients’ sites rank higher in the search engines. They are likely to make the promotion of the site in search engines with relevant keywords.

Search Engine Analysts do tedious overall search engine marketing and upholding firm establishment of site’s performance. They also cover the implementation of search strategies and tracks the effectiveness of new and existing campaigns. People who are doing SEO are armed with rigourous knowledge about online marketing analytics. They are expected to do daily, weekly or monthly reporting regarding search engine analysis.

Listed below are the essential functions of an SEO Analysts:

1. Keyword researching, analysis and optimization

2. Capable of writing top quality and relevant articles, posts and forums

3. Dedicated and active always in link research

4. Quality Assurance Analyst

5. Research and analyze market competitor advertising links

5. Provides high recommendations on search engine optimization

6. Directory and social bookmarking submissions

7. Updating latest trends in the online industry

8. Caters immediate website solution to remediate problems

9. Website and online trend evaluation

10. Social Media marketing integration


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