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Meet your web marketing crew: The best of the best in the Field.

Staff Remote and Success | A Likely Duo

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A business is always confronted with challenges as far as making profit is concerned and the outsourcing world is not spared from such. Truth is, challenges are extremely high with different working environment, the type of technology used and above all, the cultural differences; insofar as offshore outsourcing is involved. However, these issues can be managed as you learn to know and understand every angle of outsourcing. Of course, there are basic processes to follow before going into such practice; that is, apart from conducting research to know about the credibility of third party vendors. Lucky enough, today there are innumerable resources available especially to those who want to undertake offshoring.

Staff RemoteLike any outsourcing endeavor, hiring the services of Staff Remote gives you tremendous advantages. You get to save since you won’t need to hire additional personnel, buy more computers for your new hires, and so on. You will even be spared from paying wages, benefits and taxes since you only pay for the service as long as you need it. The cherry on top? You receive high quality output delivered in a timely manner.

Bear in mind that experienced remote workers are accustomed to working under strict standards of performance. With them, you’ll never have to worry about delayed results. You just have to keep your communication lines open at all times.

Hence, success is highly possible if you opt to hire Staff Remote.  We have all the business solutions suited to your needs and more. Clients and consumers alike will come rushing in once they see your brand on the World Wide Web and circulating through social media. We will put you on the pedestal through our approved SEO techniques, leaving your competition behind. With such ease, wouldn’t that be enough to trust your internet marketing to us?

Offshore Outsourcing Need Not Be a Problem with Staff Remote

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A lot of doubts, fears and worries are naturally experienced by corporations who are thinking of offshore outsourcing. What could these be and how do you handle them if you're the one faced with such? Read on to discover.

Staff RemoteWith technology advancing, a lot of companies are now taking advantage of outsourcing to locations in the so-called low-waged countries like the Philippines. It gives them the following benefits: cost efficiency, the availability of resources and IT infrastructures, the educational and skills level, the time zone aspect as well as the geographical accessibility.

However, these are not the only important factors to put in mind. In fact, there are other equally important elements to prepare for in offshore outsourcing. These include management and control, communication and discipline as well as a competent representative on the spot. Below are other basic factors you also need to consider before hiring your staff remote service provider.

Failure and/or delays in Delivering

What if the third party vendor fails to deliver? Even with all the best intentions, signed contracts and superb technology, failures or delays could exist unexpectedly. You have to assess if this circumstances have a significant impact on your business performance. If so, you need to consider a change in strategy like hiring multiple providers instead of only one. But if your provider has the skills to reduce risks without compromising quality, then that can be a point for discussion. With a very highly dependable partner like Staff Remote, risks like these are often managed professionally.

Language/Cultural differences

How's that again? You'll keep asking this over and over again if you and your outsourced worker doesn't understand each other well because of differences in language. Pronunciation and accents among other things have such a tremendous implication to outsourcing. Furthermore, cultural differences include religions, modes of dressing, social activities, and even the way a question is answered or using expressions/cliches. Outsourcing relationships will most likely be affected which could in turn, hamper the flow of work. This can even lead to a disastrous project outcome. In this case, mutual understanding and between you and your staff remote is of outmost importance.

Staff Remote has readily available qualified and highly motivated workforce. Businesses availing of its services at competitive prices can realize respectable cost benefits and profits.

How to Work Conveniently with Your Staff Remote

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Looking for office staff but you can't wait for them to start right away? People nowadays use the web to hire people from virtually anywhere around the globe. But the question is, is it convenient to work with a virtual assistant? Find out how very possible that is by reading through.

Staff Remote

Outsourcing is not only for big businesses but also even for small ones. Nowadays, a lot of small companies are already seeing the benefits, given the global recession. Outsourcing back end tasks enables owners of small businesses to concentrate more on their core business, and leave the rest to efficient, professional hands.

With this, you may be in need of the services of staff remote. But many business owners worry about leaving non- core tasks to someone virtual. One reason could be the virtual staff's capabilities. Another reason is what this "long-distance relationship" could bring for the company. There are many ways to get to know your virtual assistant to put you both in a "mutually comfortable environment." Below are 2 good reminders:

  1. Pay your staff a visit. If you can afford, a firsthand visit to the employee’s work environment is the best way of getting to know her. A Talking to her face to face, you'll get a real feel for what she does and the challenges she may face. It also gives you the chance to see the face of the person whose voice you only hear over the phone. You'll be able to meet other staff with whom your virtual employee interacts on a regular basis. By doing this you are forming some kind of bond with her. On the other hand, your staff remote also gets the opportunity to meet who she is working for, your management style and your personality.
  2. Keep communication lines open. On the very first day, inform your employee that it's very important to keep all lines of communication open. She is free to call or e-mail you at any time if she has questions, concerns or just to give you news and updates about what is going on at her office. Further, it may suit her to do videoconferencing with you. You have to recognize her preferred mode of communication.

    If you're hiring a team of staff remote, it's best to give each one a written job description to ensure you both have the same expectations for job duties and performance. This can be used as your guide in evaluating them.

    Get the most qualified and experienced remote staff, not to mention flexibility as to working hours. Find them here at Staff Remote, the leading service provider giving you the best virtual assistance service at very competitive cost.

Which Services Can You Delegate To A Staff Remote?

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It's common knowledge that most companies nowadays outsource in order to avoid particular types of costs. Among the top reasons why firms opt to outsource are avoidance of complicated, often oppressive regulations, heavy taxes, high energy costs, and perhaps unreasonable costs that come from distinct benefits mentioned in labor union contracts, and taxes for government-mandated benefits.

Because of this, companies are motivated to outsource since labor costs are cheaper and, therefore, pave the way for more internal savings. This money could then be used by companies to focus on their core business.

Corporations and public entities usually outsource certain specialized office functions like payroll/accounting, as well as functions irrelevant to the core business such landscaping the external premises, meal services or company vehicle maintenance.

Now, any business for that matter cannot thrive without marketing. The wise entrepreneur today makes use of modern technologies to reach out to clients without the burden of traditional marketing. One effective strategy is to hire highly-qualified and professional staff remote, which can do tasks virtually from any point of origin, to do the marketing.

But, what do you get when you're working with staff remote? You can expect passion, dedication, and excellent expertise which all boils down to high-quality end results delivered on time so you are assured of being happy and satisfied, by the time the process has been completed.

And, you're just a click away from finding this help. At staffremote.com, we only hire the best and the most highly-qualified professionals who can provide every businessman the exact solutions to his or her Internet marketing needs. We offer specialized services in:

  • Web development and design – creating an eye-catching website for you with added and assured and quality and maintenance checks
  • Graphic design – conceptualizing, theming, and styling of promotional materials like logos, brochures and newsletters to entice viewers to your site
  • Content writing – the creation of online content that would drive more traffic to your website
  • SEO specialization – managing your current SEO process and system to catapult your brand landing in the top pages of search engines, and lastly
  • Virtual Assistance – delegating your remote administrative functions to a professional virtual team to improve productivity and efficiency in your company

Visit us on our website at staffremote.com and let our partnership begin!

How to Manage Outsourcing Remote Staff Effectively

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One of the questions being asked when it concerns outsourcing is about managing your staff remote that comprises the outsourcing team. Because as a business company, your organization has backoffice works that somehow become unattended because you have your focus on essential jobs that will bring your company to the competitive edge.

Thanks to outsourcing. Because of the boom of outsourcing industry, it comes to a point where in both small and big businesses can delegate some of their tasks to the staff they will hire remotely outside of their company. Moreover, getting the right team to do the outsourced project requires the outsourcer to locate the most reputable and trusted outsourcing staff.

One of the mostly outsourced projects are in line with Information Technology. Hence, IT BPO industry was born to cater IT support related jobs for many businesses. Many business entrepreneurs have invested on e-commerce and as well choose IT professionals for their future motivation and ventures.

To integrate efficient and effective productivity, it is a must that employers will look into the progress of his or her virtual outsourcing team. It is suggested that both you and your outsourcing team should have constant communication most especially when observing the flow of your outsourced projects.

Communication is the core foundation to build trust between the outsourcers and their employees. This establishes rapport, trust and harmony in their working relationship. A breakdown in the communication can result to negative results. For the employers part, we can never deny that there will be trust issues the same their employees.

Another one is the project cannot be completed. Increase in productivity will not be achieved. On the other hand, for the employees, there will be building doubts especially if they will not received any communication from the employers. There are cases wherein some online workers are scammed because of bogus projects and you cannot blame an individual if he or she is inquisitive enough about the project being outsource most especially when this concerns payment terms.

Therefore, NDA or non-disclosure agreement is sometimes being proposed and signed. A contract can also be made so both parties will agree upon the terms and conditions.

In conclusion, both the outsourcers and their employees will work together. Reporting relationships in this kind of working environment is needed.

To learn more about outsourcing, read on our informative blogs here at Staff Remote.

Remote Staff Outsourcing – Propelling Business Empires Forward

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Since time immemorial, businesses have been after that elusive edge in order to swim ahead in the sea of competition.

Let’s compare your business to a boat floating in the ocean. Without a propeller, it’s hard to imagine it covering any significant distance. It’s about time you attached a reliable rotor to your vessel– I’m talking about outsourcing.

It just isn’t about producing satisfactory work anymore. Accomplishing such would only keep your business in operation, but may not be enough to push you to expand. You need a reliable team that specializes in the necessary business sectors to catapult you forward.

Modest investments producing gigantic returns
There is a popular quote that reads, “You only get what you give” Perhaps this applies in some of life's many scenarios, but never in outsourcing.

Admittedly, the cheap cost of labor is what attracts many business owners to offshore outsourcing. But after so many years, clearly this is not the only thing that has kept the industry thriving. It is the exceptional output that results from hard work and dedication offered by devoted outsourced remote staff.

A growing global phenomenon
It is internationally apparent that companies have experienced the benefits of outsourcing and thus plan to continue on the journey.

From previous years to date, experts have reported an increase in the percentage of companies pursuing outsourcing. These companies include (but are not limited to) E-commerce, software development, hosted applications, data center operations, desktop support, and many others.

Experts getting the job done
Outsourced remote staff will be able to lighten your heavy workload, especially during those hectic peak seasons. No stress need be involved. Just relay what goals you have set and watch your productive team work as efficiently as clockwork.

You know you need some extra help in running your business empire; everybody does. But unlike everybody, you can actually get the best team working at your beck and call.

Safety vest is not under your seat
Your business is your vessel, but the safety vest is not under your seat. There is a real possibility of drowning amidst every other aggressive competitor in this modern age's global trade.

If all you want to do is survive and get by, then there are dozens of contractors that you can hire.

If you want optimum service, we can provide you not only with a safety vest, but the highest-powered propeller in the form of our workforce. Our expert team is the only thing you will ever need to advance your business empire.

Drop us a line and tell us how our remote staff can propel you forward.

The 2012 Trends in Business Process Outsourcing

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2012 brings forth bounteous gifts for the BPO industry, including many developments in the business world. Since social media involvement has grown vastly, lots businesses are also beginning to realize the merits of business process outsourcing.

Internet business image

The power of social media connected with BPO has opened a wider avenue of marketing communication, reaching people across the world via the web. Some consider this to be the most powerful tool incorporated in BPO, specifically those firms providing Internet marketing services.

This year also marks the end of the traditional call centre. Why is this so? People are found to be more engaged in social media. Thus, call centres are just the usual offering and voice no longer dominates in catering customer support service.

For the future of customer service, there is the integration of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google + which serves as a medium for communicating with customers. This certainly improves the sharing aspect of such channels and enhances customer relations.

One more thing is the continuous drive of the business process outsourcing industry to improve more on the innovative ways to cut operational costs without even sacrificing the fast turnarounds of the productivity and the quality. With outsourcing, it has proven a lot and many have attested its hassle-free and easy services being catered.

Offshore outsourcing firms have improved also on the focus of its core competencies. However, on the other side of the coin, the US has proposed a bill to keep the jobs onshore rather than offshore. The main reason for this is because there's no improvement in the rising unemployment rate of Americans. Plus, this bill will discussed on penalizing American companies that's been doing outsourcing.

If this bill eventually becomes a law, India, China, Philippines and other countries that cater outsourcing services will be affected. There is huge impact on these BPO firms mainly because they rely on the back office servicing.

On the lighter side, business process outsourcing firms still continue to grow and provide the means of leading businesses to success.

How Offshore Outsourcing became trending in the Philippines?

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Business Process Outsourcing companies are pullulating like flowers in bloom. It has been found out that BPOs truly gives a lot of economic opportunities to thriving countries like India, Thailand, China and the Philippines. The first known BPO industry that have risen in the pearl of the orient sea are the call centers that renders customer service support.

Moreover, a lot of big time international companies from first world countries especially USA along with Australia, UK and etc., considered Philippines as the ideal offshore outsourcing country in the globe. According to recent survey, foreign employers have firmly attested that Pinoys or Filipino workers are prompt, productivity wise and flexible employees that deliver high quality of fast paced tasks turnarounds.

No wonder why Philippines became the trending country when it comes to offshore outsourcing. In addition, the prospect of outsourced projects is rising and more employers are hiring Filipino home based workers that can take care of these back office projects. However, employers don't just gullibly employ workers, they also consider the in depth experiences as well as the knowledge and skills of an individual that has background on how to work on the outsourced projects.

Call centers are the pioneers in offshore outsourcing. Nowadays, IT outsourcing jobs are the most popular because of the booming of Internet Marketing. The usual jobs related to IT outsourcing are data entries, website development and programming, creative graphic designing, content writing, social media marketing, virtual assistants and search engine optimization.

What makes Philippines outstanding from other countries that also accepts and do outsourced company workloads is that there is evident lower risks when it comes to professional and customer services. The remote staffs in the Philippines are globally competitive and armed with perseverance to work and a good communicator to their employers.


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