Content Writer

Content writing is one of the most outsourced services around the internet. Along with virtual assistant services and SEO, content writing plays a crucial role in Internet marketing. Good content is what makes a website well-visited. No matter how awesome and eye-catching the graphics are, its essence is still the one that makes it stand out. A good writer needs to have certain qualities that would help him/her write articles.

  • Proficient in English. Since English is the main language that is used in the web, it must be apparent that content writers are fluent in the language. They need to have an innate understanding of basic grammar and he/she should have good vocabulary. A skilled writer must be able to spot mistakes within his/her own work in no-time.
  • Gives high regard to deadline. This is a really important factor. Deadlines always exist not only for outsourcing services but for every business that is out there. Content writing is no exception to that. Giving high importance to deadlines is a must for a content writer. Especially for people that constantly update their blogs or their websites.
  • Understands SEO. An experienced writer needs to have basic or intermediate SEO knowledge. He/She must know the importance of how it drastically affects the content of his/her writings, the keywords and the like. Understanding the nature of your audience is also an advantage.
  • A good team player. There are so many tasks that are assigned to content writers, especially when working with teams. You have to be responsible in motivating and helping their co-writers, helping them in proofreading, editing and reaching the deadline on time.
  • Creativity. This is one of the most important skills that a good content writer should have. No matter how good your vocabulary is, if you do not know how to use words properly, it is next to nothing. Being creative with your writing is one way of captivating readers, the more readers and visitors, the more profit. Using the imagination of their readers, they create a mental picture of what they want to convey to their audience.

Finding a good content writer is like finding needle in a haystack. Clearly many freelancers out there offer content writing so take your pick. Just make sure that those characteristics are present in them.